Ngwenya Glass Hippos

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Ngwenya Glass Hippos - Certified Fair Trade & 100% Recycled Glass

These adorable Glass Hippo are skilfully hand crafted at Ngwenya Glass in the tiny African Kingdom of Eswatini by a small group of artisans deploying time-honoured artistry.

Each piece is lovingly created from recycled glass collected from all over the Kingdom by the Eswatini people. Truly exceptional pieces, these enchanting Glass Hippo make fabulous and original gifts.

Every hippo is supplied with its own descriptive label endorsing its 100% recycled and fair-trade credentials.

  • Please note prices are for a single hippo.
  • Average Size: Large: Length x 14 cm Width x 9 cm Height x 9.5 cm
  • Medium: Length x 10 cm Width x 6.5 cm Height x 7.5 cm
  • Small: Length x 6.5 cm Width x 4.5 cm Height x 5.5 cm

Did you know? The African Hippopotamus spends most of its time in the water during daylight hours and usually comes onto land at night to graze where it can eat up to 45 kilos of grass per night. The hippo can travel up to six miles during its nightly feeding spree and can run at speeds of up to 30mph!